WATC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for remote nuclear proliferation monitoring stations


The WATC UPS protects equipment from sudden power outages and ensures continuity of operations at real-time monitoring stations. Web-based control and monitoring of internal state of health is ideal for remotely located equipment where access is limited. This device is currently installed at the infrasound nuclear proliferation monitoring stations in Antarctica at the I55US array and on Midway Island at the I58US array.


o   12v battery system for easy compatibility with existing equipment

o   4 battery inputs

o   Each battery has voltage, temperature, and current monitoring

o   Low voltage disconnect on battery connections, which will resurrect on return of AC power

o   Individual battery breakers so a bad battery can be isolated while the system is running

o   Batteries are external to the UPS for flexibility and easy replacement

o   Double conversion design, so outputs are isolated from AC input

o   Provides up to 20 battery or 12v fixed (DC/DC) outputs, and 6 120v outputs, output count can be customized to the need

o   Every output is monitored internally, and has an LED to indicate status on the back panel

o   Most outputs are controlled (16 control relays)

o   Latching relays so output state does not change power consumption

o   Web based control and Nagios monitoring of status

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