Buildings amidst the snow and rock to form a research station. A large white ball-type object is in the center.
Palmer Station, Antarctica

-64.774, -64.049
Elevation 40.00 meters
Station Type: Seismic
IMS Station Type
Auxiliary Seismic

PMSA is installed in corrugated steel building at Palmer Station on the Antarctica Peninsula. The sensors at PMSA sit on a concrete block that is directly coupled to bedrock. The exposed location of Palmer Station on the coast of the southern Pacific Ocean where there is relatively little sea ice cover and tempestuous weather make the seismic data significantly noisier than stations in the Antarctic interior. Relevant Publications: Anthony, R.E., R.C. Aster, D. Wiens, A. Nyblade, S. Anandakrishnan, A. Huerta, J.P. Winberry, T. Wilson, and C. Rowe (2015), The seismic noise environment of Antarctica, Seismological Research Letters 86, 1, 89-100