A box connected to array in bright sunshine with solar panel nearby. Tower is shown in background. Ground has dirt but no grass and looks like a desert.
Pinyon Flat, CA, United States

33.605, -116.4456
Elevation 1248.00 meters
Station Type: Infrasound Array
IMS Station Type

An 8-element infrasound array located at the University of California San Diego’s Piñon Flat Observatory in southern California. Located in a high desert region 80 km from the Pacific coast, the I57US array sees low ambient noise at night but much higher levels of wind noise during the day as is typical for desert environments. Seismic station PFO, an auxiliary seismic station in the International Monitoring System, is also located here. The equipment is is maintained by the Laboratory for Atmospheric Acoustics at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, located at the University of California San Diego.