How to Initiate a Task Order under the GDNP UARC contract

Step 0: Engage with GDNP UARC senior personnel


  • Contact the Chief Scientist/Interim Executive Director (Dr. David Fee or UARC Project Manager (Matt Mohler, they will bring in relevant subject matter experts (SME) to discuss the Task Order (TO) concept
  • Discuss whether or not the potential TO falls within the GDNP UARC core competencies and capabilities
  • Most importantly, determine if the GDNP UARC has the organic and/or partner capacity to meet the customer’s TO requirements


Step 1: Contact ODASD(TRAC)


  • The sponsor e-mails a short description of the TO requirements to the GDNP UARC COR (Mr. Craig Campbell)
  • The Office of the DASD(TRAC) (ODASD(TRAC)) determines if the requirements are within the scope of the GDNP UARC contract and helps develop the Statement of Work (SOW) and/or Performance of Work Statement (PWS)
  • The sponsor develops an Independent Government Cost Estimate of the TO for the ODASD(TRAC)
  • Determine the security requirements for the TO (the sponsor may reference the GDNP UARC master contract DD254 or develop a separate one from the TO, as required)
  • The ODASD(TRAC) sends the sponsor instructions for sending funds for the research task


Step 2: Provide funding to ODASD(TRAC)


  • Send funding per instructions provided by the ODASD(TRAC), typically in the form of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)
  • ODASD(TRAC) sends a receipt for the MIPR
  • The contracting office, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) sends a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the GDNP UARC


Step 3: Develop a proposal


  • The GDNP UARC submits a response to the RFP to WHS and ODASD(TRAC)


Step 4: Awarding of a research task


  • ODASD(TRAC) develops a draft technical evaluation which they coordinate with the sponsor
  • Depending on the scope and proposal, additional funds may be required; once sufficient funds are in place, the research task is awarded


Step 5: Kick off Meeting


  • After award, the GDNP UARC will schedule a kick-off meeting to review the Technical Approach from the proposal and address any concerns or additional requirements


Step 6: Execute the TO requirements


  • The GDNP UARC sends the sponsor the deliverables associated with the TO, such as the bimonthly status reports and the final report
  • Once all the deliverables have been received, any remaining funds are returned to the sponsor
  • ODASD(TRAC) sends the sponsor a survey requesting feedback on the GDNP UARC’s performance